The marketing policy of the enterprise aims the production the items only of high quality. The work of marketing department directs toward maximal satisfaction of customers’ demand and guaranteeing the highest level of clients’ service.

The serious markets monitoring is constantly carrying out in «Gomelstroymaterialy». They learn markets of the produced and planned production; make analysis of the market of the building materials, analyses of demand and supply. They work out and realize the policy of quality improvement, prime cost decrease and effective promotion in the conditions of the market economy. In the recent years the meaning of the advertising in the industrial sphere has increased. And one can see two tendencies: the advertising becomes clearer and more professional; the advertising of the building materials concentrates in the specialized publications.

With the aim of searching of new ways of promotion and clients’ attraction, increase of sales volume, determination of the export ability of the goods, learning the branch state and also with the aim of experience interchange and development of the co-operation Open Joint Stock Company «Gomelstroymaterialy» carries on active exhibition activity. The enterprise takes part in different exhibitions, seminars, conferences, presentations. Marketing policy The goods of Open Joint Stock Company «Gomelstroymaterialy» are widely known all over the countries of CIS.
Thermal insulation slabs of mineral cotton «BELTEP», silicate stones, cellular concrete wall blocks are in great demand not only in Belarus, but also in Russia, the Ukraine, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Baltic countries. Long term contracts of the building materials delivery are made with many foreign partners.
Pard of ОАО «Gomelstroymaterialy» JSC in building industry of Republic of Belarus on the types of the produced products (in percents from the general volume of output in a country)