Mineral wool from basalt BELTEP®

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Slabs of the mineral (stone) wool BELTEP® used in the construction, reconstruction and repair of buildings and structures, regardless of their type and degree of fire resistance. 
Mineral wool BELTEP® is used for heat insulation, unloaded horizontal structures, sloping roofs, attic floor, lightweight thermal insulation of walls, ventilated (ventilation, facades), systems for light and heavy stucco insulation systems (wet fronts), as well as the thermal insulation of roofs combined and the attic floor with your tie on the boards. Mineral wool production which has been in the enterprise since 
1965 produces the slabs under the trademark «BELTEP». In 2004-2005 it was implemented a large investment project – reconstruction of mineral slabs workshop with the installation of imported high-tech equipment manufactured by Czech engineering company Frydlantske Strojirny - Rasl a syn s.a. on the technology of dry form of the mineral (rock) wool and synthetic water-repellent binder and modifying additives. The mineral (stone) wool BELTEP® based on basalt fiber, has several unique properties that allow it to use in various building structures and systems.



The mineral (basalt) wool BELTEP® consists of extremely thin, randomly interwoven fibers (0.04mm), between which there is air, which provides them with a small density (from 30 to 210 kg/m3). This provides them with a low thermal conductivity (from 0.032 to 0.040 W / (m * K)). The lower thermal conductivity- the better the insulating properties of the material. The mineral (rock) wool brand BELTEP® reduces heat loss in winter and summer to protect you and your home from heat.


Thermal insulation materials are most effective in the dry state. If even a small amount of soaking water has deteriorated the thermal characteristics of insulating materials. Mineral fibers (rock) wool BELTEP in nature has water-repellent properties. Moreover, the production of thermal insulation water-repellent additives BELTEP® added, thus expanding the boundaries of the material and to make its installation in a variety of climatic conditions. The moisture content in the rock wool BELTEP® under normal operating conditions is less than 0.5% of the units of weight. Compared to many other materials, mineral (stone) wool BELTEP® highly vapor permeable. Good passing steam, mineral wool board insulation BELTEP® almost always stay dry, which in turn affects the healthy microclimate in the building - on the one hand, and durability - with the other.


The main component for the production of mineral (stone) wool BELTEP® is 100% natural, environmentally friendly material, basalt. Its melting point - 1,500 degrees C. These thermal insulation products BELTEP® satisfy the most stringent fire safety requirements and can be used as fire insulation and fire protection systems in buildings and structures, regardless of their type and degree of fire resistance.


Slabs of the mineral (stone) wool BELTEP® possess the strength characteristics that allow them to different systems and to ensure consistent quality, reliability and durability of these systems. At all grade slabs from mineral (stone) wool BELTEP® tests, have the necessary technical certificates and certificates confirming the declared by the manufacturer specifications.


Mineral wool BELTEP® not subject to shrinkage, as well as not subject to thermal deformation. Insulation retains its geometrical dimensions during the whole period of operation. If necessary, rock wool BELTEP® conventional low-density cut with a knife, and more dense - with hacksaws.


Basalt wool BELTEP® has a high resistance to organic substances. No solvents or alkaline or mildly acidic environment does not have an impact on it. Under the conditions of normal humidity mineral (stone) wool BELTEP® does not cause corrosion.


Mineral wool BELTEP® safe installation and operation, does not contain impurities of asbestos. Stone wool BELTEP® has a very low emission of dust and chemicals. All products are appropriate hygienic control and certification.