Cellular concrete blocks


The blocks are made from a mixture of lime-sand binder cement, ground sand, blowing agent and water, followed by the formation of hardening under the action of steam in an autoclave. Designed for masonry exterior, interior walls, basement walls and partitions of buildings, with a relative humidity of 75% and non-aggressive environment (in areas with humidity less than 60% of the inner surface of the exterior walls of the blocks must have vapor barrier coating), the device thermal insulation of external walls of buildings.


Products made of aerated concrete is easily treatable, even when using simple carpentry tools. This design allows the manufacture of various configurations, including the arch, it is easy to cut channels and holes for wiring, sockets and pipes.

The advantages of block

  • Almost any geometry of the walls, including the mesh openings on the facades

  • A variety of finishes (plaster, lime stone, natural or artificial stone, etc.)

  • Variability of thermal characteristics

  • The possibility of device-layer walls

  • Reducing the load on the skeleton, the foundations of buildings and grounds

  • Cellular concrete blocks are a group of non-combustible materials (NG) in accordance with GOST 30244.

Industrial solution

Cellular concrete blocks as the wall, and intended for masonry walls in buildings of high quality and precision of the geometric dimensions.
Houses built of the light, porous materials, have a high level of comfort, have highly heat-resistant and acoustic performance. Septum composed of porous concrete, 3 times lighter than brick, and has better sound insulation.


Technical characteristics (according to the STB 1117)

 Index name density
The value index for the brand at an average 

The average density of concrete in the dry state, kg/m3

The class of concrete strength, compressive
 B 1,0
 B 2,5

 B 3,5
Humidity,% by weight, not more

Mark by frost
 F 25
 F 35

 F 35
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, Wt/ (m2*C)


Unit dimensions (length x width x height):

 600х100х288; 600х200х288; 600х300х288;

 600х100х250; 600х150х250; 600х200х250; 600х300х250; 600х400х250;

 600х100х298; 600х150х298; 600х300х298; 600х400х298;