Currently, the company produces 4 major products:

1.Insulation materials based on the rock (basalt) wool brand BELTEP
®. The main field of application – house and other facilities warming. They can significantly reduce energy consumption, so they are widely used where a course for energy conservation. Through these materials can be carried out not only the effective insulation of the walls inside the building and floor insulation, and insulation of facades and roofs. BELTEP® Insulation (Mineral wool) has high sound absorption properties.

2.  Autoclave concrete, in the English title Autoclaved Aerated concrete (AAC) - cellular concrete blocks, or otherwise known as - autoclaved aerated concrete – is a light building material of predefined forms.

3.  Silicate Stone

4. Silicate brick - high strength, durable building material.

It’s made by pressing dewy mixture of siliceous materials and lime with the following curing under the action of steam in the autoclave. Brick is used for masonry exterior and interior walls of buildings. It can go well in combination with other building materials.

Materials produced by JSC Gomelstroymaterialy are widely used in the construction and modernization of many objects of social and industrial projects, housing the Republic of Belarus, CIS countries and the EU.

Wall and insulation materials manufactured in our factory are qualitative and reliable products.  They guarantee success and confidence in the business.




Mineral wool from basalt BELTEP

Cellular concrete blocks

Silicate stones



 Silicate brick