Silicate stones


Used for stone masonry and reinforced masonry structures exterior and interior walls of buildings and structures for the construction of exterior and interior walls without further finishing.


  • Ecological properties. Not worse than tree, does not rot and does not burn.

  • 100% Natural material.

  • Durability. Allows to increase construction service life.

  • Economic. 

  • Provides balance of humidity and heat exchange in the house.

Technical characteristics (according to the STB 1228)

Index name
        Sl                      Sr
Sizes, mm
 250×120×138;               250×120×138
Mark on the strength
 125, 150;                   125, 150:
Mark by frost
 Water absorption, kg/m2, not less
    6,5;  6,4
Hollowness, %
     18, 20;                                18, 20
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, Wt/ (m2*C)